Love Jesus ~ Learn Jesus ~ Live Jesus

What to Expect

Have you ever been discouraged because you don’t understand what God is trying to say? Have you ever wondered what the Bible is saying in a certain passage but were afraid to ask? Have you ever had a hard time explaining a certain Bible verse to someone? Pastor Joe uses a teaching method that will help you better understand what God is trying to convey in His word. He will equip you to understand and then you will be able to convey it to others. He will take you to God’s Word and explain in clear detail like you’ve never heard before. So come out and get into the Word with us so you too, will be encouraged and will be able to give an answer to everyone who asks (1 Peter 3:15).


Mercy Church is a brand new church in the area. We are Gospel Centered and Community Driven. When we love and serve our community we believe that we show that we are serious about our love for God.

When we gather, we sing songs that direct our attention to Jesus and we spend time exploring what the Bible says so that we are better equipped to live out the Great Commandments in our everyday lives. Those Great Commandments are: Love God and love others.

At Mercy Church, we care more about who you are than how you look. The atmosphere is casual and the friendship is warm. Regardless of who you are, you are loved, welcomed, and invited to join us through this journey we call life! Contact us and we will be happy to sit down with you and talk about how you can be a part of Mercy Church.

*Nursery provided