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Joe and Debbie Tassell

Joe and Debbie have been in full-time ministry since 2004. Joe completed his Ph.D. in 2000, was ordained in 2003 to the gospel ministry by his home church in Winter Haven, FL, and has pastored two churches prior to beginning the Mercy Church ministry.

Joe and Debbie grew up in pastors’ homes, which influenced their love of people and ministry. Joe had many vocations before going into full-time ministry. After his undergraduate studies, he even served some time in the military. Because of his eclectic background he is able to relate and communicate with just about every walk of life. Joe has a passion for making the Word of God accessible and understandable to everyone.

Debbie was born to missionary parents who taught her to have a deep love for Christ by living their lives passionately in gospel ministry. She is alongside her husband helping him carry out the work of church planting. She is the administrative end of the team. Designing the website, taking care of the advertising and making sure mailers go out are just a few of her duties.

Joe and Debbie love to walk and getting to know and ministering to people in their neighborhood. When they are not out walking you might catch them hanging out at local eateries.